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You need more than a proposal
 and eSign tool to #getworkdone

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A purpose-built platform to create, collaborate, control,
eSign, and manage all your docs/contracts in one place.


Proposal, quotes and contracts management
tool with eSign capabilities.


Full feature online document editor for drafting,
editing and formatting of all your docs/contracts.

MS Word / Google Docs
like online editor

Limited feature block text editor
mainly useful for quotes and proposal.


Complete collaboration suite. Purpose built,
Real-time, contextual and 100% on-doc.

On-doc comments, suggestions,
chat, attachments, etc.

Real-time, contextual, and partial collaboration.
Few basic and some critical features missing.


Control view, download, edit, forward, etc. rights.
Unprecedented, total platform control with you.

Docs and platform controls
for secure sharing

Limited document and platform controls.


No-code, user configurable
workflows for internal approvals.

Internal approval

Basic workflows
for approvals.


Easy to use, lightening fast, and legally
binding eSign. Unlimited and FREE.

Legally binding native
electronic signature

Expensive but easy for starters, legally binding
eSign with reasonable feature sets.


AI powered, purpose-built workspace
that manages half of your work.

AI powered
docs/contracts repository

Basic documents listing with folders,
individual workspaces and search.


Top of the class, bank grade security with
data encryption at rest and in transit.

Platform, document, data
security and certification

Decent platform security. Not so robust
document security (can be accessed with link by anyone).

Top reasons Pandadoc users 
look for alternatives


Glitchy, complex and non-intuitive product


Built for quotes and proposal- not effective for other use cases


Lots of features but half baked

Why choose DocuX
over Pandadoc

Purpose-built for all use cases

Pandadoc is mainly used for eSign and proposals. DocuX is all purpose platform for all your documents including all docs/contracts, eSign and proposals.

Purpose-built for all teams

Pandadoc was built primarily for Sales teams as proposal making software. DocuX is built for all teams- Sales, Legal, Finance, HR, Procurement, freelancers, everyone.

Better, robust, full feature and intuitive

No more glitches, broken workflows or starting all over again. We have worked very hard to make DocuX robust and easy & intuitive at the same time.

Workspace makes you more productive

Automate all the noise that passes for work. Docs are segregated, prioritized, sorted, and controlled for you. It is your new-age Virtual Assistant.

Get single source of truth

Say goodbye to docs and contracts scattered across versions, devices, emails, tools, and users. With DocuX, every doc/contract is a reliable, single source of truth.

Ditch the back-and-forth

Move all collaboration and reviews out of mailbox and scattered tools onto the doc. With DocuX, 100% of the internal and external collaboration happens on-the-doc.

Feature comparison

See how Pandadoc compares with DocuX



End-to-End native document lifecycle platformNot fully developed lifecycle features.
Not for all use cases.
Creation / drafting of docs and contracts
Browser-native rich doc editor (like MS Word / G Docs)Limited feature block text editor
Complete editing, formatting, draftingVery limited, basic features
Legally vetted, editable docs/agreements template libraryGeneric templates library. Pay extra for forms.
Docs/contracts sharing with internal and external collaborators
Commenting / suggestionsBasic commenting
Request time-bound reverts-
Full feature chat on-the-doc (Internal and external)Basic, general chat
Full feature chat off-the-doc (Internal and external)-
Allow attachments to doc/contracts-
Document controls
Edit / view rights management
Restrict download
Restrict forward
Password protection-
Document locking-
Restrict attachments-
Restrict chat and other context download-
Versioning with compare / restore abilityBasic versioning
Internal approvals
No-code approval workflows for documents
No-code approval workflows for eSign
Multi-level approvals-
Approval templates and libraryComing soon!-
Approval embedded templates-
Legally binding, native eSign
Native, legally binding electronic signature
Single document/envelope sending
eSigner verification-
Upload from external drives/clouds
Bulk-sendComing soon!Available at additional cost
Automated reminders and notificationsOn platform, email and SlackOn platform and email
Certificate of completion with audit trail
QR Code verification of authenticity-
Real-time document tracking
Allow attachments by eSigner
Mobile appComing soon!
eSigner engagement / feedback suite-
Conditional routing
AI powered Workspace
Docs and contracts auto-sortingBasic sorting/listing
Auto-prioritization and alerts for due dates-
Customizable notification and reminders-
Document summary and one-click direct action-
Fast and powerful docs/contract searchBasic file name based search
Keyboard shortcuts-
Platform controls and security
User managementAdvanced, including rights managementAdvanced, including rights management
IP whitelisting for restricting unauthorized usage-
Manage security parameters for adherence to your IT Policy-
Selection of encryption standards-
Custom branding
Encryption of data at rest and in transitOnly at rest
Enterprise grade security certification
SAML/SSOComing soon
Native, no-code integrations
APIs & webhooks

Pricing comparison

See how Pandadoc plans and pricing compare to DocuX



Free-for-life planBarebone, very limited feature eSign plan
Individual plan$9 /month$19+ /month
Team plan$29 /month$49+ /month
Enterprise plan$59 /month$89+ /month
Unlimited documents creation
Unlimited eSign
Unlimited cloud storage
Existing docs/contracts migrationOnly storage
Pricing basisGet for everyone, pay only for CreatorsPay for every user
CRM and other IntegrationsYou pay extra for some integrations
Implementation and onboardingWorks out of the boxWorks out of the box
Bulk sendComing soonYou pay extra
Uptime SLAs backed by financial penalty-
Priority support
SAML/SSOComing soon
Subscription managementCompletely self-servedMostly self-served except for Enterprise users

Pay less for more

Get complete docs/contracts life-cycle platform
at a cost lesser than an eSign tool.



/creator /month Enterprise plan

AI Powered, end-to-end documents
and contracts lifecycle platform



/user /month Enterprise plan

Proposal, quotes and contracts management
tool with eSign capabilities.

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