DocuX vs Ironclad

You need more than a contract
workflow to #getworkdone


A purpose-built platform to create, collaborate, control,
eSign, and manage all your docs/contracts in one place.

Ironclad πŸ”₯

Internal contract workflow solution for legal teams-
not for all docs/contracts and not for all teams.


Full feature online document editor for drafting,
editing and formatting of all your docs/contracts.

MS Word / Google Docs
like online editor

Limited feature online editor for edits only. Not for docs/contracts
creation from scratch. Heavily reliant external editors.


Complete collaboration suite. Purpose built,
Real-time, contextual and 100% on-doc.

On-doc comments, suggestions,
chat, attachments, etc.

No real on-doc collaboration. Its a workflow tool with non-live,
non-concurrent document access to collaborators.


Control view, download, edit, forward, etc. rights.
Unprecedented, total platform control with you.

Docs and platform controls
for secure sharing

Very minimal document controls.
Very limited platform controls.


No-code, user configurable
workflows for internal approvals.

Internal approval

Complex workflows with limited flexibility.
Any change requires assisted efforts and $ investment.


Easy to use, lightening fast, and legally
binding eSign. Unlimited and FREE.

Legally binding native
electronic signature

No native eSign.
Relies on Dropbox Sign via integration.


AI powered, purpose-built workspace
that manages half of your work.

AI powered
docs/contracts repository

Basic workflow listing-
no doc/contracts repository.


Top of the class, bank grade security with
data encryption at rest and in transit.

Platform, document, data
security and certification

Weak document security (contracts are shared via email) and
confidentiality. Good platform security and certifications.

Ankur Arora

In every aspectβ€”be it drafting and editing, collaboration, eSign, document controlsβ€”everything, DocuX scores better than every point solution available. It's super easy, intuitive, and fast. It works!

Ankur Arora
CFO, IDAN Motors

Top reasons Ironclad usersΒ 
look for alternatives


Extremely complex, non-intuitive UI/UX and features


Built for legal- not effective for other teams and all business use cases


Very costly, requires implementation and change management assistance


Verified User in Computer Software

G2 Verified User

It is not at all intuitive. It does not send notifications so when Legal has created or updated a document for Sales, nothing notifies Sales that it is ready.


McKay M.

Sr. Marketing Associate

Ironclad can be frustrating to navigate and some features aren't intuitive. For example, it's not obvious how to change a signatory and it can only be done before the contract is approved. In one situation, my manager was unexpectedly in a car accident and I needed to change the person of contact. Since it was already approved, I had to request an edit and wait for it to go all the way back through the queue. I wish there was more visibility between team members- there is no way for me to check on requests filed by others, which is very obnoxious when someone is OOO. Last thing- leaving a comment doesn't notify anyone unless you tag them. I would love for all stakeholders- or at least the legal reviewer- to up know when a change is made.


Anonymous Reviewer


The software should be refined so that you can make edits to a document without downloading and reuploading. For something as simple as directing a typo, you have to download the template, correct in Word and reupload. It feels unnecessarily cumbersome.


Verified User in Computer Software

G2 Verified User

Not very user-friendly, which discourages Sales from using it properly.


Information Technology and Services User

G2 Verified User

It's a bit cumbersome to execute everything in the parameters set. And the UI is not very intuitive. It took a lot of trainings to get reps up to speed.


Verified Reviewer


It's just not great. It can be better. Non-legal background users have hard time understanding the process. These process and system is very foreign to them and it doesn't resemble any other software that they use. So it takes a long time for them to understand the importance of versions, redlining, and metadata. Not being able to upload PDF is a big issue. Building a brand new workflow or tweak a bit takes too much time to build. There's not enough self producing(despite Blueprint) and self control in admin's perspective and we have to reply on Ironclad's support team most of the times. I don't think that's efficient in either side.


Melissa M.

Senior Associate Attorney/Mediator

It was not as user friendly or intuitive.


Verified User in Construction

G2 Verified User

The aspects of Ironclad that are a bit frustrating are the repository's relatively super linear understanding of contract viewership permissions. For example, the creator of a contract that is marked confidential you'd think would still have viewership access to their record, however, this is not the case as a group needs to be created to grant them viewership if an agreement is marked confidential. The repository needs to be a bit more dynamic to address the needs of large companies who may have a variety of different confidentiality levels between contracts.

Also the Ironclad editor is not very intuitive as it's only useful for simple word changes and one would need to download the document and work on it offline, which defeats the purpose of Ironclad which is to bring all these different processes for contracting together into this platform.

Lastly, the overall presentation of the platform could use some work, there's some lacking intuitiveness with how the platform is presented.

Lots of potential as a platform but there's still more work that needs to be done to stay miles ahead of any competitors and also be revolutionary in a niched field that hasn't seen a lot of innovation up to this point.

Why choose DocuX
over Ironclad

Better, easy and intuitive

Your work does not need to be hard and complex. Get rid of systems that add to your work and stress. We have worked very hard to make DocuX easy and intuitive.

Native features and functionality

Unlike Ironclad which relies heavily on external tools for doc/contract creation, eSign, collaboration etc. DocuX has been purpose-built with all native features and functionalities you will need.

One platform for all teams

Ironclad is built for Legal teams. DocuX is built for all teams- Sales, Legal, Finance, HR, Procurement, everyone. It also serves Freelancers and individual needs perfectly well.

Purpose-built for all use cases

Ironclad is a contract workflow. DocuX is all purpose platform for all your documents including contracts management- business or personal.

Workspace makes you more productive

Automate all the noise that passes for work. Docs are segregated, prioritized, sorted, and controlled for you. It is your new-age Virtual Assistant.

Saves you significant costs

DocuX costs substantially less than Ironclad in annual subscription. DocuX also saves 100% of set up time, efforts and costs. Set it up yourself and get started in minutes.

Get single source of truth

Say goodbye to docs/contracts scattered across versions, devices, tools, and users. With DocuX, every doc/contract is a reliable, single source of truth.

Ditch the back-and-forth

Move all collaboration and reviews out of mailbox and scattered tools onto the doc. With DocuX, 100% of the internal and external collaboration happens on-the-doc.

Feature comparison

See how Ironclad compares with DocuX

End-to-End native document lifecycle platformβœ“Not fully native. Not for all documents.
Creation / drafting of docs and contracts
Browser-native rich doc editor (like MS Word / G Docs)βœ“Limited features text editor
Complete editing, formatting, draftingβœ“Only for editing- not for drafting from scratch
Legally vetted, editable docs/agreements template libraryβœ“-
Docs/contracts sharing with internal and external collaboratorsβœ“Non-live, not-concurrent
Commenting / suggestionsβœ“Via workflow feed
Request time-bound revertsβœ“-
Full feature chat on-the-doc (Internal and external)βœ“-
Full feature chat off-the-doc (Internal and external)βœ“-
Allow attachments to doc/contractsβœ“Via workflow feed
Document controls
Edit / view rights managementβœ“-
Restrict downloadβœ“-
Restrict forwardβœ“-
Password protectionβœ“-
Document lockingβœ“-
Restrict attachmentsβœ“-
Restrict chat and other context downloadβœ“-
Versioning with compare / restore abilityβœ“Complex versioning prone to errors and duplicity
Internal approvals
No-code approval workflows for documentsβœ“Fixed workflows per template
No-code approval workflows for eSignβœ“-
Multi-level approvalsβœ“Only if pre-defined in a workflow
Approval templates and libraryComing soon!βœ“
Approval embedded templatesComing soon!Documents are embedded in workflows
Legally binding, native eSignβœ“No native eSign.
Relies on Dropbox Sign via integration.
AI powered Workspace
Docs and contracts auto-sortingβœ“Basic sorting
Auto-prioritization and alerts for due datesβœ“-
Customizable notification and remindersβœ“-
Document summary and one-click direct actionβœ“-
Fast and powerful docs/contract searchβœ“Basic keyword based search
Keyboard shortcutsβœ“-
Platform controls and security
User managementAdvanced, including rights managementBasic
IP whitelisting for restricting unauthorized usageβœ“-
Manage security parameters for adherence to your IT Policyβœ“-
Selection of encryption standardsβœ“-
Custom brandingβœ“-
Encryption of data at rest and in transitβœ“-
Enterprise grade security certificationβœ“βœ“
SAML/SSOComing soonβœ“
Native, no-code integrationsβœ“Only document storage and eSign
APIs & webhooksComing soon!βœ“

Pricing comparison

See how Ironclad plans and pricing compare to DocuX

Free-for-life planβœ“-
Individual plan$9 /month-
Team plan$29 /month-
Enterprise plan$59 /month$150+ /month
Unlimited documents creationβœ“Via workflow
Unlimited eSignβœ“Not outside workflow
Unlimited cloud storageβœ“βœ“
Existing docs/contracts migrationβœ“You pay extra
Pricing basisGet for everyone, pay only for CreatorsPay for every user
CRM and other Integrationsβœ“Basic included, most at extra cost
Implementation and onboardingWorks out of the boxSubstantial implementation efforts at extra costs.
Bulk send (coming soon)βœ“No such concept as it is a workflow tool
Uptime SLAs backed by financial penaltyβœ“-
Priority supportβœ“You pay extra
SAML/SSOComing soonYou pay extra
APIsComing soonβœ“
Subscription managementCompletely self-servedOnly via Ironclad sales team

Pay less for more

Get complete life-cycle platform for all your documents and contracts
than pay multiple times for a complex, rigid, and limited use workflow tool.

DocuX Lifecycle


/creator /month Enterprise plan

AI Powered, end-to-end documents
and contracts lifecycle platform

IronClad Lifecycle


/user /month Enterprise plan

Internal contract workflow solution for legal teams-
not for all docs/contracts and not for all teams.

Switching from Ironclad?

  • We will handhold you for seamless migration at no extra cost.
  • We will waive off charges equivalent to your existing contractΒ 
    time left with Ironclad.
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