DocuX vs Dropbox++

You need end-to-end platform and not
combination of tools to #getworkdone


A purpose-built platform to create, collaborate, control,
eSign, and manage all your docs/contracts in one place.

Dropbox++ πŸ”₯

Combination of documents storage, sharing and eSign
tools and still not good and complete enough.


Full feature online document editor for drafting,
editing and formatting of all your docs/contracts.

MS Word / Google Docs
like online editor

No native document editor.


Complete collaboration suite. Purpose built,
Real-time, contextual and 100% on-doc.

On-doc comments, suggestions,
chat, attachments, etc.

Very limited on-doc collaboration.
Context is entirely detached from the doc.


Control view, download, edit, forward, etc. rights.
Unprecedented, total platform control with you.

Docs and platform controls
for secure sharing

Reasonable- not robust document control (offline storage
allowed). Good platform controls.


No-code, user configurable
workflows for internal approvals.

Internal approval

No such workflows
for internal approvals.


Easy to use, lightening fast, and legally
binding eSign. Unlimited and FREE.

Legally binding native
electronic signature

Not native on Dropbox.
eSign via acquired solution HelloSign


AI powered, purpose-built workspace
that manages half of your work.

AI powered
docs/contracts repository

Only dumb documents listing with duplications and basic search.
Your work is as cumbersome as before, perhaps more.


Top of the class, bank grade security with
data encryption at rest and in transit.

Platform, document, data
security and certification

Not so robust document security (offline storage allowed).
Top platform security.

Nawdeep Puranik

DocuX is a game-changer for sales professionals. With everything needed to get contracts drafted, negotiated and executed in one place, sales professionals can now focus more on their core job of selling rather than struggling to move paperwork and keeping track of everything.

Nawdeep Puranik
Vice President - Sales, Hexagon

Top reasons Dropbox + DocSend + eSign usersΒ 
look for alternatives


Glitchy, random, and chaotic products with bad UX/UI


Exorbitantly costly with predatory sales tactics


Insensitive, unresponsive and poor customer service

Tom Giannopoulos

Tom Giannopoulos


A personal note of πŸ”₯πŸ–•πŸ»πŸ–•πŸ»πŸ”₯ to @dropbox. Your little catastrophe of my life has caused me to lose a spreadsheet that literally is my life. Thanks for not being there when I needed your backup. You guys suck. That?s all there is to it. If you #depend on Dropbox don?t.

Evan Doorbell

Evan Doorbell


dropbox used to work reliably and was never stupid, but those days are over. Nowadays it regularly displays this message:
Yes, I know how to use online-only files; What's the ISSUE??? Follow the links and it never says what the issue is.

Jeroen Mulder

Jeroen Mulder


Is it just me or is @Dropbox occasionally letting uploads fail with the error of "Not enough space" when there is still 2GB left?

On top of that the constant message that I should upgrade is annoying and unnecessary.

So, what do people use for cloud storage nowadays?




I hate @Dropbox
And the fact that some in my circle still use this garbage platform is annoying to say the least

That is all

#dfir #dfirant




The Dropbox web UX continues to consistently be indescribably bad. I find it hard to believe that they intended it to be this horrendously bad, but that must be the case as surely no one attempting to create an intuitive UI would create this vomit. Sorry, it?s just SO awful. #UX

Sheryl B.

Sheryl B.


Dropbox has stolen my files and my money: I can't access my files because I no longer have access to my old email account, yet I can prove that the account belongs to me and I have proof of payment and proof that I did indeed own the email I used to set up the account.

Ty A.

Ty A.

Cinematographer and Editor

The desktop app is intrusive, doesn't remember storage settings, and never works correctly especially when dealing with large amounts of footage like I do. Dropbox doesn't work correctly in browser either and often just completely leaves out certain files when downloading folders.


Philip G.

Full Stack Developer

desktop app for mac is awful, it makes your machine slow and it updates your database every time you login




can 2022 be the year I finally convince everyone that @Dropbox is a horrible, overpriced service that is bested by EVERY SINGLE ONE of it's competitors?

Michael Grant - GONE TV trailer in bio

Michael Grant - GONE TV trailer in bio


I hate @Dropbox. Hate it. Stupid, shittily-designed interface. Suddenly a billion goddamned photos are being uploaded and there is no way to stop it, and no way to delete. WTF?

Peedu Tuisk

Peedu Tuisk


The amount of stuff @Dropbox adds to right-click menu is ridiculous. No option to disable some either.
Fascinating how products evolve to such a point. For all their marketing, how much does this little detail influence the brand.
"Dropbox? Oh yea, they've become annoying.

Michael F. Quansah

Michael F. Quansah


Dropbox this is the most annoying security tool ever. Way to slow people's workflow.

Michal Horn?

Michal Horn?


This email from @Dropbox is probably the most aggressive & threatening ?invitation? to upgrade a service I have ever seen.

Was it effective though? Totally! I?m moving all my files to

Lisa S.

Lisa S.

Co-founder & CEO

Everything. There is no one to contact at Dropbox who returns messages. I can't reach anyone to even try to fix this and the claim that privacy laws prevent their doing so are lies. Dropbox absolutely deleted my files and I absolutely did not.


Verified User

Media Production

I own a video production company. I was suspended from my account because my clients were sharing their links too many times internally and exceeded the dropbox bandwidth limitations that I was unaware of and is unclear in the agreement I have with Dropbox. Now, none of my clients can access the content that I create for them. I work with substantial non-profit companies that fund cancer research in Boston, and now they are unable to access the content that helps raise money to help fight cancer because Dropbox will not help me. I am trying to pay Dropbox more money to open my account back up, and they said that I'll still be suspended even after I upgrade my account with them. I have never in my life felt like I have been taken more advantage of.

Reece ??

Reece ??


@Dropbox sucks, I need space to see files other people share with me?!

Chris Young ???? @ Home

Chris Young ???? @ Home


WTF? Did anyone else see that @dropbox suddenly changed there service? Apparently free tier is suddenly max of 3 devices or pay 130$ a year. For me that means unlinking 10+ devices. Doesn't get me any more drive space due to sending out invites in the past. This is stupid.

Kojo Kumah

Kojo Kumah


Is @Dropbox under more pressure to monetize or something? It's gotten hella annoying with these notifications recently. Like every other day an email suggesting I need to upgrade or else

Andy Day

Andy Day


There are some days when @Dropbox's web interface (which is terrible) simply doesn't work. Those days are annoying. Everything loads except the menu options. I can see my files, just can't do anything with them.

Omar Wasow |

Omar Wasow | @[email protected]


Wow, Dropbox search is really useless.


Gary A.


It doesn't work, and customer support is nonexistent. Not even available for a price.


Verified User in Photography


I've been using Dropbox for over 6 years on a paid/upgraded subscription. In the last 3 months Dropbox has twice suspended my account for 24 hours without warning. In fact they don't even give a specific reason why. Their chat rep sent me a link on ?possible? reasons. None of which I felt were violated. Here?s 3 reasons why Dropbox is losing my business:

1 - unable to specifically tell me why my account was banned

2 - Dropbox will suspend your account if someone else shares your link with too many other people. Wait - what? That is completely out of my control. Why wouldn't Dropbox just disable the link that is causing the issue? Instead they shutdown my entire account with no specific reason why? Horrible policy.

3 - Customer service takes hours or days to respond. During my first issue their communications were so slow that the 24 hour ban lifted itself resulting in me just giving up on a resolution. And as I write this I'm now waiting over 2 hours for a response. Meanwhile my customers are calling asking for their files.

Vague - Bad Policy - Bad customer service. I'm hoping that by writing a public review will inspire some change at HQ. Because one knows you can?t get through to customer service.

Why choose DocuX
over Dropbox + DocSend + eSign

Solves your problem end-to-end

You need all-in-one platform to create, collaborate, control, obtain approvals and eSign docs/contracts. Dropbox even with other tools does not offer that.

Better, robust and intuitive product

No more glitches, lost files or starting all over again. We have worked very hard to make DocuX robust and easy and intuitive at the same time.

Fair and simple pricing- not predatory

Dropbox plans + add-ons are prohibitively expensive. Their so-called unlimited plans do have hidden limits. DocuX plans are fair, transparent and truly unlimited.

Get single source of truth

Say goodbye to documents scattered across devices, tools, and users. With DocuX, every document is a reliable, single source of truth.

Ditch the back-and-forth

Move all collaboration and reviews out of mailbox and scattered tools onto the doc. With DocuX, 100% of the internal and external collaboration happens on-the-doc.

Workspace makes you more productive

Automates all the noise that passes for work. Docs are segregated, prioritized, sorted, and controlled for you. It is your new-age Virtual Assistant.

Feature comparison

See how Dropbox + DocSend + eSign compares with DocuX

End-to-End native document lifecycle platformβœ“-
Creation / drafting of docs and contractsβœ“-
Docs/contracts sharing with internal and external collaboratorsβœ“Only file sharing for view and eSign
Commenting / suggestionsβœ“-
Request time-bound revertsβœ“For eSign only
Full feature chat on-the-doc (Internal and external)βœ“-
Full feature chat off-the-doc (Internal and external)βœ“-
Allow attachments to doc/contractsβœ“βœ“
Document controls
Restrict downloadβœ“βœ“
Restrict forwardβœ“Only if all files on cloud
Password protectionβœ“βœ“
Document lockingβœ“-
Restrict attachmentsβœ“-
Restrict chat and other context downloadβœ“-
Versioning with compare / restore abilityβœ“-
Internal approvalsβœ“-
Legally binding, native eSign
Native, legally binding electronic signatureβœ“Via HelloSign integration
Single document/envelope sendingβœ“-
eSigner verificationDefaultOnly if required by the sender
Upload from external drives/cloudsβœ“βœ“
Bulk-sendComing soon!Enterprise only
Automated reminders and notificationsOn platform, email and SlackOn email
Certificate of completion with audit trailβœ“βœ“
QR Code verification of authenticityβœ“-
Real-time document trackingβœ“βœ“
Allow attachments by eSignerβœ“βœ“
Mobile appComing soon!βœ“
In-person signing-βœ“
eSigner engagement / feedback suiteβœ“-
Conditional routingβœ“βœ“
AI powered Workspace
Docs and contracts auto-sortingβœ“Basic listing
Auto-prioritization and alerts for due datesβœ“-
Customizable notification and remindersβœ“-
Document summary and one-click direct actionβœ“-
Fast and powerful docs/contract searchβœ“Keyword based basic search
Keyboard shortcutsβœ“-
Platform controls and security
User managementWith advance rights managementAdvanced, including rights management
IP whitelisting for restricting unauthorized usageβœ“-
Manage security parameters for adherence to your IT Policyβœ“-
Selection of encryption standardsβœ“-
Custom brandingβœ“βœ“
Encryption of data at rest and in transitβœ“Only at rest
Enterprise grade security certificationβœ“βœ“
SAML/SSOComing soonβœ“
Native, no-code integrationsβœ“βœ“
APIs & webhooksComing soon!βœ“

Pricing comparison

See how Dropbox + DocSend + eSign plans and pricing compare to DocuX

Free-for-life planβœ“-
Individual plan$9 /month$41+/month
Team plan$29 /month$94+/month
Enterprise plan$59 /month$200+/month
Unlimited documents creationβœ“Only storage- no creation
Unlimited eSignβœ“βœ“
Unlimited cloud storageβœ“Limits apply
Existing docs/contracts migrationβœ“For storage only
Pricing basisGet for everyone, pay only for CreatorsPay for every user
CRM and other IntegrationsIncluded in the plansMost included, many at extra cost
Implementation assistance, if requiredFree-
Bulk send (coming soon)freeYou pay extra
Uptime SLAs backed by financial penaltyβœ“-
Priority supportIncluded in planYou pay extra
SAML/SSOComing soonβœ“
APIsComing soonYou pay extra
Subscription managementCompletely self-servedMostly self served except for enterprise users

Pay less for more

Get complete docs/contracts life-cycle platformΒ 
than buy fragmented solutions and pay more.

DocuX Lifecycle


/creator /month Enterprise plan

AI Powered, end-to-end documents
and contracts lifecycle platform

Dropbox Lifecycle


/user /month Enterprise plan

Combination of documents storage, sharing and eSign
tools and still not good and complete enough.

Switching from Dropbox?

  • We will handhold you for seamless migration at no extra cost.
  • We will waive off charges equivalent to your existing contractΒ 
    time left with Dropbox.
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