DocuX vs Google Docs

You need more than a doc
editor to #getworkdone


A purpose-built platform to create, collaborate, control,
eSign, and manage all your docs/contracts in one place.

Google Docs

Leading online document
and collaboration tool.


Full feature online editor.

Online editor for docs/contracts drafting and editing

Full feature online editor.


Complete collaboration suite. Purpose built,
Real-time, contextual and 100% on-doc.

On-doc comments, suggestions,
chat, attachments, etc.

Real-time, contextual collaboration.
A few pieces missing though.


Control view, download, edit, forward, etc. rights.
Unprecedented, total platform control with you.

Docs and platform controls
for secure sharing

Good suite of document and platform controls.


No-code, user configurable
workflows for internal approvals.

Internal approval

No such user configurable workflows
for obtaining internal approvals.


Easy to use, lightening fast, and legally
binding eSign. Unlimited and FREE.

Legally binding native
electronic signature

No native eSign.
Need to use third party paid tools.


AI powered, purpose-built workspace
that manages half of your work.

AI powered
docs/contracts repository

Only dumb documents listing with basic search.
Your work is as cumbersome as before, perhaps more.


Top of the class, bank grade security with
data encryption at rest and in transit.

Platform, document, data
security and certification

Top document and platform security and certification
for business users via Google Workspace subscription.

Ankur Arora

In every aspect—be it drafting and editing, collaboration, eSign, document controls—everything, DocuX scores better than every point solution available. It's super easy, intuitive, and fast. It works!

Ankur Arora
CFO, IDAN Motors

Top reasons Google Docs users 
look for alternatives


Does not cover complete docs and contracts life cycle


Chaotic, bad and dated UX/UI in many parts


Good only for collaboration- not for negotiations

Kat Kajderowicz

Kat Kajderowicz


Name something more frustrating than opening a word doc in google docs

The formatting chaos is indescribable

Richard Lawrence

Richard Lawrence


The most frustrating UX in the world is going to Google Docs, creating a new doc, realizing it's defaulted to your personal Google account instead of your work one, changing accounts - then being blocked out of your new document

savs ☀️

savs ☀️


the urge to have a google doc and add a bunch of people to it just to see chaos unfold (aka the absolute lag monster that would be)




Being on twitter right now is like being in a Google doc with other people editing. Things are moving around as I'm scrolling.

Kate McKean

Kate McKean


I'm sorry but google docs is horrible for collaborating unless everyone agrees on all the changes all the time and you never need to keep track of anything but the final document




tables in google docs remain one of the most frustrating UX’s of the century

Toni Winslow-Brill 🐉

Toni Winslow-Brill 🐉


I hate google docs formatting. It is vexing me. Why does it mock me so??

Nico Berardi⚡

Nico Berardi⚡


For Google having started as a search business, the search function on Google Docs is incredibly awful

✨🔮☭ Katie Smith ☭🔮 ✨

✨🔮☭ Katie Smith ☭🔮 ✨


Literally nothing more annoying than someone lurking in/editing a Google doc whilst you’re working on it 💀

John Reppion

John Reppion


I'd like to go on record as saying that I absolutely hate editing in Google docs with a passion. I hate track changes editing anyway (all the crossing out when you move things is absolutely awful) but Google Docs editing is the worst.

Jason Novack

Jason Novack


One reason cloud collab tools (MS Word—>Google Docs) aren’t delivering the productivity gains we expected is collaborative scope creep.

We used to send a version or two for comment. Now without versioning friction we do excessive review/co-writing with diminishing returns.

Why choose DocuX
over Google Docs

Solves your problem end-to-end

Doc/contract creation is just the starting of your work. You need all-in-one platform that lets you collaborate, control, obtain approvals and eSign docs/contracts. Google Docs does not offer that, DocuX does.

Business data use and security

With DocuX, your business data is secure and used only to provide services to you. Not for marketing purposes- directly or indirectly. DocuX has no access to your business data. There is no conflict of interest.

Get single source of truth

Say goodbye to docs and contracts scattered across versions, devices, emails, tools, and users. With DocuX, every doc/contract is a reliable, single source of truth.

Ditch the back-and-forth

Move all collaboration and reviews out of mailbox and scattered tools onto the doc. With DocuX, 100% of the internal and external collaboration happens on-the-doc.

Workspace makes you more productive

DocuX automates all the noise that passes for work. Docs are segregated, prioritized, sorted, and controlled for you. It is your new-age Virtual Assistant.

Compatibility with all tools

.docx and .pdf documents generated on DocuX are a universal formats that works with MS Word, Google Docs and all other tools.

Feature comparison

See how Google Docs compares with DocuX

DocuXGoogle Docs
End-to-End native document lifecycle platform-
Creation / drafting of docs and contracts
Browser-native rich doc editor
Complete editing, formatting, drafting
Legally vetted, editable docs/agreements template library-
Docs/contracts sharing with internal and external collaborators
Commenting / suggestions
Request time-bound reverts-
Full feature chat on-the-doc (Internal and external)-
Full feature chat off-the-doc (Internal and external)-
Allow attachments to doc/contracts-
Document controls
Edit / view rights management
Restrict download
Restrict forward
Password protection-
Document locking-
Restrict attachments-
Restrict chat and other context download-
Versioning with compare / restore ability
Internal approvals-
Legally binding, native eSign-
AI powered Workspace
Docs and contracts auto-sortingBasic sorting/listing
Auto-prioritization and alerts for due dates-
Customizable notification and reminders-
Document summary and one-click direct action-
Fast and powerful docs/contract search
Keyboard shortcuts-
Platform controls and security
User managementVia Google Workspace subscription
IP whitelisting for restricting unauthorized usageVia Google Workspace subscription
Manage security parameters for adherence to your IT PolicyVia Google Workspace subscription
Selection of encryption standards-
Custom branding-
Encryption of data at rest and in transit
Enterprise grade security certificationVia Google Workspace subscription
Native, no-code integrations-
APIs & webhooksComing soon!-

Pay less for more

Get complete docs/contracts life-cycle platform 
than buy fragmented solutions and pay more.

DocuX Lifecycle

AI Powered, end-to-end documents
and contracts lifecycle platform

Google Docs Lifecycle

Leading online document
and collaboration tool.